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Holistic Healing

Throughout her 30+ years of volunteer service, Jetsun Ma has been focused on helping people with mental, emotional, or physical health problems. Her motivations can be traced back to her own struggles with an incurable auto immune condition years ago. The fact that she has triumphantly overcome the impossible and lived to assist others is a moving story. For more information read Living Without a Known Cure.

Jetsun Ma can help you with powerful alternative healing methods that are based on Chinese folk culture and customs: Feng Shui adjustment, Ch’i adjustment, I-Ching applications, sacred solutions, and more. Jetsun Ma believes that, consistent with the philosophy of balance associated with Yin and Yang, combining alternative healing methods with modern medical practice can deliver extremely positive results for your body, mind and spirit.

Transcendental Solutions

When we encounter challenges in life, most of us resort to finding answers supported by “modern” knowledge – modern medicine, philosophy, psychology, economics, business, and the like.

What Jetsun Ma recommends are “transcendental” solutions, highly effective alternative approaches that are intangible and invisible. These transcendental solutions are considered sacred cures deeply rooted in the Chinese folk culture and customs. Some of them also fall under Tibetan cultural influences (specifically, the Tibetan Bon lineage tradition).

Come to meet Jetsun Ma for advice when you are troubled by financial insecurities, interpersonal relationships, career developments, your academic future; health problems, major financial decisions (e.g. selling or buying a home, starting a business, expanding a business), your own spiritual development, or when you would like to discuss any other issue of importance to you!

Practical Applications of the I-Ching

The I-Ching, or “The Book of Changes,” is an ancient book of Chinese philosophy that continues to have an impact on people’s lives today. The book was written by Fu-Hsi, King Wen, Duke Chou and Confucius thousands of years ago in China and elements of the book – for instance the Tai-Chi diagram that symbolizes the harmonious balance of Yin and Yang – are well known in the West. This concept of harmonious balance has influenced many aspects of Chinese life, including the Chinese family system, Chinese medicine, marriage, education, politics, interpersonal relationships, literature, architectural design, faith and more.

Jetsun Ma applies the practical lessons she has learned from the I-Ching in her personal consultation services. She uses the concepts of Ch’i, Yin and Yang Dichotomy Theory, the Five Elements, and the Bagua (Eight Trigrams) to address a person’s problems. Based on concepts in the I-Ching, Jetsun Ma can offer additional help by finding answers through divination exercises, or by selecting auspicious dates for important events. Jetsun Ma has been requested to select auspicious dates for weddings, grand-openings, and ground-breakings. Lastly, knowledge from the I-Ching enables Jetsun Ma to select auspicious Chinese names for others.


Ch’i, which means “energy” or “vital force,” is found within us and around us. The concept of Ch’i, rooted in Chinese philosophy and culture, is integral to many of Jetsun Ma’s consultation services. Expertly, Jetsun Ma reads and analyzes the state of your Ch’i. Based on her observations, she offers various ways to adjust and purify negative, harmful Ch’i – ways that can help you meet the challenges of life more confidently.

One of the primary methods of Ch’i adjustment is Feng Shui adjustment. Unlike traditional Feng Shui practitioners, who rely on the compass as a tool, Jetsun Ma uses the “Bagua” (Eight Trigrams) to “read” the flow of Ch’i in a living or working environment. Her professional Feng Shui consultations are based on subtle readings of the Ch’i of occupants as well as the Ch’i of internal spaces, a building overall, and a neighborhood.

A related and fascinating area for understanding Ch’i is dream analysis. Dreams reflect the activity of Ch’i during a sleeping state. Jetsun Ma’s analysis of dreams can be eye-opening, and her suggestions on how to act on your dreams can yield meaningful results.

Spiritual Cultivation

Jetsun Ma strongly believes in the power of spiritual cultivation as a firm base for helping people. While she is a devoted Buddhist herself in private practice, she endorses and gives unconditional respect toward all existing faiths. She has welcomed individuals of different religious background to study with her on their spiritual journey as she practices equanimity and unconditional love.

Much of our suffering arises from a troubled heart. To gain balance in life, Jetsun Ma shares ways to cultivate your inner peace, remove your negative emotions, and transform them into positive energies.

Dedicated in the practice of wisdom and compassion, Jetsun Ma skillfully guides your spiritual growth to find inner balance in your heart. Achieving this balance will relieve you of suffering, tame your negative emotions, assist you to clarifying your judgments, and cultivate your compassionate heart. All in all, Jetsun Ma is committed to help you arrive at peace with inner strength. Join Jetsun Ma for powerful guidance in spiritual cultivation!

Feng Shui, known as an ancient Chinese art of placement in the West, is in reality more than just that. It is an art form full of spiritual essence and practical applications. When wisely applied to one’s life, Feng Shui brings a balanced harmony to enhance a person’s home environment and its positive effects can extend to benefit his/her working environment. Feng Shui, when expertly applied, serves to nourish, support one’s life to its optimal, positive level.

Literally in Chinese, Feng, means “wind”; and Shui means “water”. The term Feng Shui combined harbors the two essential elements, air and water, that support us in living. To a broader sense, the same term gives hints pointing to an ideal location for human living– Where the wind lovingly breezes, the sun brilliantly shines, the river calmly flows, and the vegetation lushly grows constitute a most desirable Feng Shui location to build, create, and find your balance and harmony.

The art of Feng Shui has been practiced in China for thousands of years. The knowledge evolves from the base of I-Ching (also known as the Book of Changes in the West) — a book well-known as it has influenced Chinese philosophy, literature, family system, medical practice, politics, social system, as well as spiritual cultivation traditions. The Yin /Yang dichotomy philosophy depicted from I-Ching, the Five Elements’ productive as well as destructive cycle theories; the Eight Trigram (also known as Bagua) concept and much more, are an integral part of Feng Shui consultation that Jetsun Darma Master Teacher Ho Lynn professionally offers you.

In addition, Jetsun Ma expertly adheres to the Ch’i Concept in her Feng Shui practice.
Ch’i, the vital life force that resides within each person, and exists abundant all around in our living environment, is regarded as the essence during Jetsun Ma’s Feng Shui consultation session. She examines and analyzes subtly the status of Ch’i as she provides practical, helpful solutions to adjust, alter, and improve a housing, working or living environment. No space is too small or too large to warrant her attention as she lovingly transforms your life or business with Feng Shui.

Jetsun Darma Ho Lynn with H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun in 1986

Jetsun Darma Master Teacher Ho Lynn’s Feng Shui Consultation services include on site walk-through consultation with Jetsun Ma for private residences, corporate business buildings and other living environments including urban planning. Although on-site Feng Shui consultation is strongly recommended, but consultation may also be performed using floor-plan analysis or blueprint sent in for analysis by clients. Feng Shui adjustments are provided and ceremonial spiritual blessings such as site purification, ground breaking, grand-opening for business and demolition services can be performed as additional services when requested.

Individuals interested in spiritual consultation services by Jetsun Darma Master Teacher Ho Lynn can contact Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation at: www.yuan-yuan.org; email us at:[email protected];
call (650) 652-6588.


Ground Breaking Blessing Ritual

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